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working from home is all to familiar to everyone during the pandemic. it's even harder to manage wellness while we're constantly bombarded with our growing to-do lists, emails and other responsibilities. this guide will help you organize your WFH game by addressing your habits, routines, and encompass all things health!



- a guide to creating workday routines for success

- dealing with Zoom fatigue

- practical guide to addressing self-care during busy work & study days

+ includes a printable to-do task list!

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let’s talk mind over matter - resilience, championing our inner selves, and personal growth.


available on all streaming platforms.


this podcast project is supported by the Duke of Ed Canada, Canada Corps and the Government of Canada.

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august 2020

facilitated  led a three week personal development boot camp. participants involved were 10 youth ages 18 & up from two countries. teaching modules were focused on mindfulness practices, establishing routines for success, and doing a 21 day habit challenge together.

what participants have said...

"I loved the whole aspect of building each other up and setting goals together. Overall, [elevate] was a great workshop to push us to be our higher self."

"I really liked this event and I think participating in that was one of the best decisions I took for myself in quarantine."

"I really enjoyed the body scan as it gave me a nice moment to relax and be in the moment without any thoughts racing."